Galadriel’s Trusted Execution Environment for Machine Learning (teeML) brings AI inference on-chain. It enables querying open and closed-source models, in a low latency, low cost, and verifiable manner. It’s fully open-source and step one in our roadmap of building verifiable AI.
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How it works?
Your dApp calls AI inference via an oracle contract. Oracle back-end is off-chain and runs inside the teeML, a fully encrypted hardware enclave. The teeML makes the call to an AI API and pushes it back on-chain, via the same oracle to your dApp.
Recent transactions with verified attestations
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These transactions have used teeML and received cryptographic attestations which prove the integrity of the execution.
How can I verify attestations?
Galadriel’s teeML is fully open-sourced.
To learn how it works in detail and verify attestations go to teeML Github.
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